Lula Lula's 2020 Round-up

As we enter a fresh new year, we thought we’d reflect on the rollercoaster that was 2020. Despite the unprecedented challenges of the last 12 months, Lula Lula was born. We’re proud to say that we’ve gone from strength to strength, hopefully brightening our customers’ days with every bunch.

It was in April that the concept for Lula Lula started to take shape – all in the garage of our founder’s parents! Our new studio became a hive of industry, strewn with stems and petals. By May we were ready to launch and start delivering bouquets filled with colour, texture and movement around Chelmsford, Essex.

Two months later in July 2020, Lula Lula’s branding and website were launched – just in time for our stunning summer collection! With the need to stay at home, we understood that people would be in search of something to add a little sunshine to the everyday. Peony, Verano, Sea Breeze, Café Society's bright colours, statement blooms and luscious arrangements made the summer bouquets ideal for brightening up a room or just as a thoughtful gift. Bamboo Banga and Olive also gave customers the chance to add a strong focal point to their homes with unique unisex themes.

By the time September arrived, it was time for our autumn collection to emerge. Femme, Harvest and Spiced Apple offered warmth and intrigue to mark the changing season. Our use of herbs and dried flowers set them apart from the summer collection. These added a beautiful earthiness to the autumnal bouquets. They also added extra longevity to this collection as the dried and herbal elements could be kept long after the flowers and foliage had passed their best.

Five months of hard work and late nights began to pay off. October saw Lula Lula launching on Floom, offering nationwide delivery of independent florists’ creations.

As a chill in the air emerged in November, so did Lula Lula’s Christmas collection. We created three fabulous wreaths, Verde, Robin and Ho Ho Ho. Each was unique but all fully encapsulated our ethos of capturing the beauty of nature with a contemporary edge.

Christmas also coincided with nationwide delivery and the beginning of our regular pop-up in Fête at Grays Yard, an independent coffee shop in Chelmsford.

Now that we’re entering a brand-new year, Lula Lula has some exciting projects in the pipeline. If 2020 has taught us one thing, it’s that in challenging times the simplest things can make us smile. So why not start your year with some cheer - simply with flowers?

Buy your Lula Lula bouquet from our online store.

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