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The 14th of February is fast approaching, which means it’s time for our first ever Valentine’s Day collection!

This annual event originates from the Roman festival, Lupercalia, which celebrates the coming of spring. In honour of this season of new life and the day of love, we’ve created two very special bouquets. The intriguing textures and animated foliage mimic the lightness and joyful nature of spring. Both are anchored in tradition with an abundance of classic roses but are offset by whimsical, contemporary elements.

Say hello to VALENTINE and CUPID:


The first LULA LULA bouquet of the Valentine’s Day collection adds a tantalising twist to a true classic. Bursting with red roses, VALENTINE is guaranteed to pack a punch. We’ve chosen a very luxurious species, Wild Naomi. Defined by velvety, deep red petals and an intoxicating yet delicate scent, this rose is the epitome of passion.

Whether you choose six or a dozen, the roses will be beautifully offset by the rich burgundies and bottle greens of long-lasting foliage. These lend a modern twist to the average Valentine’s Day bouquet.


Now for something a little different. CUPID is defined by sweet romance with a sense of fun.

We’ve combined red Wild Naomis with the prettiest pink roses. This bouquet stands out from the crowd with pops of mauve thanks to Astrantia (Star of Love) and delicate, dusky pink feathers. Both these features give CUPID an ethereal quality. Seasonal leaves and soft grasses complete the CUPID look, adding light and bouncy elements.

Both VALENTINE and CUPID will be completed with a terracotta red bow. We shall carefully wrap them and place them in gorgeous gift boxes, along with a glass vase to be teamed with your bouquet.

Not only this, but the first twenty customers who order one of our Valentine’s bouquets (size, Large) will receive a complimentary bottle of wine. We’ve teamed up with Amie, another business born in the COVID pandemic. Their delicious French wine is produced in the Languedoc region – perfect for toasting your loved one in honour of Valentine’s Day!

What better way to make someone feel special? Make their day by visiting our Valentine’s store.

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